Worried Well Striving Survivor Concerned Planner Just In Case It won't happen to me Over-whelmed Denial Resentful Victims Calculated Hedonists
Very proactive about their health, try to pre-empt problems.
May have been optimists in the past, serious health problems have forced them to engage actively with advice and treatments, but cholesterol not top of the list.
Organised people, take high cholesterol seriously, follow doctor's advice/prescriptions carefully.
Fairly optimistic, don't worry about health, but like to feel they are doing the right thing. Follow advice/prescriptions to a degree.
Very optimistic, see themselves as robust, don’t take high cholesterol seriously. Doctor/partner is making a fuss about nothing.
Fearful, often have multiple health problems, it is all so difficult. They can easily get depressed and give up.
Negative and reactive about health. Can get aggressive when doctor suggests they have a cholesterol problem. Feel they have better things to worry about.
Take high cholesterol personally; it’s not fair! It makes them feel their best years are over; they’d rather not think about it.
Live for the moment, like to indulge themselves, can't tolerate lifestyle changes, will follow prescription in order to avoid these.